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The United Breast Cancer Foundation is proud to present our sister project, the United Women’s Health Alliance! (UWHA!).   UWHA! was conceived with the thought “What if all women, regardless of ‘condition,’ could be offered a pathway for restorative, graceful, fulfilling, whole-body, whole-heart, whole-spirit living?”

United Women’s Health Alliance! (UWHA!) empowers Every WomanTM to embrace their True Nature; cultivating prosperity, intuition and a genuine relationship with self through a variety of mental and physical practices.  UWHA! encourages women to draw from ancient and modern techniques to assist with prevention, treatment, and recovery. The goal is to create a harmonious balance between herself, family, and community.   Women can turn to UWHA! as a resource for renewal of mind, body and soul.

Learn about past UBCF & UWHA! events at the world renowned Omega Institute