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UBCF Funding is exhausted at this time. We anticipate reopening in March 2020.

The United Breast Cancer Foundation understands that a woman faces many physical and emotional challenges after a mastectomy.  It is imperative for a women recovering from breast cancer to have every opportunity to regain her confidence.  For many women who’ve had mastectomies, their natural inclination is to have reconstructive surgery as an effort to regain a sense of well-being, of moving on and forward with their lives.

Unfortunately breast reconstructive surgery is not covered by many medical insurance plans as it is considered an elective surgery, even for a woman who has had to have a mastectomy due to breast cancer.  UBCF strongly believes that reconstructive surgery should be an option for Every Woman who has experienced a mastectomy.  The choice to have reconstructive breast surgery may be a challenging one to make, however, UBCF believes that if a woman chooses this surgery, she should have the opportunity to have it.  Due to the great expense of surgery,  many women, particularly low income, under and non-insured women, cannot even begin to afford this costly yet important surgery.   UBCF is here to provide access to this important aspect of recovering from breast cancer.   Through opportunities such as this one, reconstructive surgery can help a women feel whole; both spiritually and physically.

Please help support this wonderful program.