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Community Service Program

UBCF’s far-reaching program, Community Service, supports our community by increasing awareness of breast health and wellness through educational campaigns, distributing gift in-kind donations and partnering with other charitable organizations to further extend UBCF’s mission.

In the past 12 months, UBCF has served over 82,000 women and men through our Education and Awareness campaigns conducted throughout the year.

Each year, UBCF distributes 140 brand new Tempur-Pedic Mattresses to women, men and children in need in impoverished and rural Southwest Virginia. Thanks to your generous support, we plan on doubling that number in 2015!

Through various relationships with other outstanding non-profit organizations that UBCF has cultivated throughout the years, we are able to expand our reach and impact.

With your support, UBCF’s mission will continue reaching thousands or women, men and children in need who are affected by breast cancer.  Join us today!