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Wellness Rocks!
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Wellness Rocks!

UBCF believes that wellness is a big deal.  We are here to serve our clients in the highest way possible and that means offering options.

Everyone likes options, right?!  UBCF offers an amazing program focused on well-being, peace, healing and options. No two people are alike, so why should one program fit all?  Through our beautiful and nurturing Holistic Care program, UBCF serves women, men and families affected by breast cancer, offering a way to integrate various health and healing modalities into a treatment, maintenance, wellness and LIFE plan!  We want each one of our clients and their family members to bust through blocks and achieve a higher, greater, more glorious life experience.  Support this cause today and you can rest assured that your donation dollars are directly serving breast cancer patients with the following opportunities for wellness:

  • scholarships for weekend retreats at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY;
  • access to alternative & complimentary care; reiki, massage, energy work, meditation;
  • nutritional counseling, supplements;
  • yoga and other body work;
  • Supportive and intimate one-on-one client care with seasoned UBCF staff.