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UBCF supports the community by increasing awareness of breast health and wellness through educational campaigns, distributing gift-in-kind donations and partnering with other charitable organizations to further extend UBCF’s mission. In the past 12 months, the Community Service Program has served over 53,000 women and men through our Education and Awareness campaigns conducted throughout the year.

Donation Center and Distribution Events

Gift-in-Kind Program
Using local partner donations of household items, like bedding, curtains, rugs, kitchen utensils, and small appliances UBCF has built a Distribution Center at our New York Headquarters. Often, everyday items are neglected because of mounting medical bills. For people with compromised immune systems, these items can make a huge difference in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Breast cancer patients and survivors are welcome to take as many household items they may need. Additionally, UBCF supports children in homes affected by breast cancer with items such as baby clothing, car seats, strollers, bedding, books, and toys.

Seeing a drastic increase in the use of our Donation Center, UBCF began hosting donation events in 2016. Working with local breast cancer support groups and retailers, space is provided outside for larger groups of women to select as many items as they need. The Gift-in-Kind donation program has grown exponentially each month in 2016. If you wish to schedule a visit to our Donation Center, call 1-877-822-4287 or email GIKProgram@ubcf.org

Mattress Donation Program

Community Services

Each year, UBCF distributes 140 brand new Tempur-Pedic Mattresses to women, men and children in need in impoverished and rural Southwest Virginia.  May 2017, UBCF had a donation event in Melville, NY and a Fall donation is scheduled for Norton, VA.

Are you in need of a brand new Tempur-Pedic mattress? Please email Beth@ubcf.org for more information.

Through various relationships with other outstanding non-profit organizations that UBCF has cultivated throughout the years, we are able to expand our reach and impact.

  • Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY – providing scholarships to retreats for mind-body-spirit healing
  • The Gathering Place, Cleveland, OH – sponsor weekend retreat for 25 breast cancer patients
  • The Health Wagon, Clintwood, VA – facilitating RAM (Remote Access Medical)
  • Miles Perret Cancer Services, Lafayette, LA – providing prosthetic camisole to mastectomy patients
  • Venice Family Clinic, Venice, CA – providing breast screening services to women under 40
  • Greenpoint Thermography, Tampa, FL – providing breast thermography screenings to under and non-insured women and men
  • Medical Thermal Imaging, Friendswood, TX – providing breast thermography screenings to under and non-insured women and men
  • Breast Cancer Options, Kingston, NY – facilitate Camp Lightheart a camp for children ages 8-15, of breast cancer survivors and patients
  • Breast Treatment Task Force- provide alternative and holistic care to NYC breast cancer patients

Visit the Organizational Grants page to learn more.