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Softee Roo

The United Breast Cancer Foundation is pleased to partner with Ladies First, Inc. the creator of the SOFTEE® Roo Recovery Camisole.  When you purchase your SOFTEE® Roo Recovery Camisole through UBCF, you get a 10% discount of the purchase price and UBCF receives a donation!  Support UBCF while taking great care of yourself or a loved one.

Purchase the SOFTEE® Roo Recovery Camisole

Softee Roo Bulb


The SOFTEE® Roo Recovery Camisole was created for patient comfort immediately after surgery.  It features our unique “Roo” pocket to hold drain bulbs and can be used with or without our SOFTEE® Poly-Fil breast forms. This is the perfect choice for comfort, care, and function in hospital recovery and those first weeks home.  Nurture yourself with the softness and practicality of this prosthetic camisole.

“I received your product after my surgery. It was a wonderfulSoftee Roo insert
gift and felt so good. I had purchased one from another company but yours was so much easier and felt so good. I was able to use my drains with it. I ordered 2 more for myself!
Great Product! Thank you.”  Nancy M.