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“UBCF Partners With T-Tapp, The Workout That Works”

UBCF and Teresa Tapp, the creator of T-Tapp, are pleased to announce our new partnership. T-Tapp is a simple, non-impact “workout” that uses a series of sequential movements to fully activate muscles, move lymph, and promote elimination. For people concerned with breast tissue health, T-Tapp offers a great way to build long, lean muscles and encourage proper tissue function without using weights or gadgets. For those undergoing breast cancer treatment, T-Tapp offers a way to quickly move out toxic waste, rebuild muscle, and restore range of motion. In fact, T-Tapp has been so effective for breast health and reducing collateral damage from breast cancer treatment, that is currently being used in a clinical trial at Memorial Sloane-Kettering Hospital in New York. T-Tapp helps your body to help itself!

To celebrate our new partnership, Teresa Tapp has created a package just for the UBCF community:

  • T-Tapp More 4 in 1 Rehab Program (retail price: $69.95)
  • CRT Body Brushing Brush (retail price: $10.00)
  • CRT Brushing Pattern DVD (retail price: $30.00)
  • Super Premium Alfalfa (retail price: $22.00)

Total UBCF package cost: $99.00 ($89.00 + $10 donation to UBCF with each order) and free shipping

That’s almost $50.00 in savings! And, your purchase supports UBCF as we help provide assistance to those in need across the country.

You can order this package, try some free online videos, and find out more about T-Tapp at www.t-tapp.com.

hoe down v2Meet Teresa Tapp, creator of T-Tapp

Sometimes a crisis in our life can be our best teacher; that’s certainly true for Teresa Tapp, the creator of T-Tapp. When Teresa was six she lost her mother to cancer which inspired her to learn about the human body; like any young child who has lost a parent, Teresa wanted to become a doctor and find a cure. Then in her early teens, Teresa had an accident in gym class that broke off pieces of four of her vertebrae. The daily pain she lived with made Teresa dedicate her life to understanding how the human body functions and how to keep it in good working order.

T-Tapp was created after extensive research to prove what Teresa knew intuitively. She understood the importance of moving lymph in the body through muscle movement and she understood how to exploit the body’s natural mechanics for pain relief. Recently, because T-Tapp provides an effective lymphatic and elimination workout, Memorial Sloane-Kettering Hospital began using T-Tapp in it’s clinical trials to determine if the program can help decrease the amount of chemotherapy needed during breast cancer treatment, reduce collateral tissue damage, and improve muscle integrity and range of motion during and after treatment. Anecdotal evidence prior to this clinical trial was very positive and the results from the latest research should be completed soon.

In the meantime, Teresa has been thrilled to form a partnership with United Breast Cancer Foundation to help people going through treatment and their families. UBCF is precisely the type of organization that Teresa and her family would have wanted to help them when she was younger; and it’s been Teresa’s mission to create a program that supports the health of all members of the family.

In honor of UBCF, Teresa has a created a special T-Tapp package that includes her newest program called T-Tapp More, an effective conditioning program that requires no weights or jumping and only four repetitions of each movement. Also included with the program is a seated workout and a workout with a broom.

Included in the UBCF package is Teresa’s unique skin brushing program and a skin brush to help accelerate lymph movement and revitalize the largest organ of elimination in the body–your skin. Special pricing on this package includes a donation to UBCF to help support their continued efforts!

Breast tissue health is important to everyone — men, women, and children– UBCF provides excellent services and Teresa Tapp is pleased to add her method to UBCF’s range of services!