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Adriane came to UBCF in dire straits. Being a wife and mother to four boys kept her busy. When she was diagnosed with state 3 breast cancer, it was a devastating blow. UBCF not only assisted Adriane with an Individual grant, but also provided a Child Sponsorship Grant to assist with the financial needs of her boys. Read Adirane’s letter to UBCF’s board members and supports – you ARE making a difference!
Dear UBCF Board Members,

I would like to start by thanking you for the generous donation we have been awarded.

In May of 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. We are a family of 6 already struggling on one income as I was home raising our two youngest boys while the older two were in school. When the co-pays started pilling up, prescriptions, gas for travel you name it, even the small stuff became a burden and other things started taking a back seat. With four boys 7 and under, we normally start school shopping for clothes and supplies during the summer for the upcoming school year. This year it was really difficult coming up with the funds for our basic necessities. With UBCF’s generous grant, we will be able to buy the kids clothes, jackets and boots for the upcoming winter school months. The grant will also help offset some of our grocery bill.

Thanks again for the help! We are blessed to have been chosen to get some much needed assistance and this has elevated some stress during this difficult journey.

David, Adriane & The Boys