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When I was pregnant in 2015 my husband noticed a mass in my right breast. We let my OB check it and she was concerned enough to send me for a breast ultrasound. After the ultrasound the radiologist came to me and began explaining breast cancer imaging to me, and sent me on to have a mammogram with a lead jacket to cover my belly. A week later I got negative results, but the emotional roller coaster was draining. My chiropractor introduced me to thermography after this ordeal, and I have done this yearly full body screen since. My first thermography session was expensive and I could only pay for it by credit card. When it was time for my second session I sought out a scholarship with UBCF to offset the cost. With this financial supplement, and that of an incentive from my critical care insurance, I was able to pay cash. I’m grateful for being able to continue this safe preventative and safe screening without going in to debt. It has given me peace of mind about my health, and has given me a wealth of information about my entire body’s health. Thank you UBCF for partnering with me.