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I think I found UBCF while discussing my financial difficulties with a contact at Mobile Thermographic Imaging (www.atlanta-breast-thermography.com) in Georgia. They were so kind and caring and recommended I apply for financial aid. I have not been able to work due to some health issues, so I have not had income. I figured I would just not be able to get the help I needed to monitor my health since I had no money or insurance for it. I was so excited and in awe at the generosity of UBCF. I personally do not like to get mammograms, and prefer thermograms, and UBCF supports my freedom of choice. Wow! It felt like winning the lottery to be able to get my breast thermography covered. The process went so smoothly, and the ladies at Mobile Thermographic Imaging are the sweetest around too. Thank you so much, UBCF, for supporting me. Thank you to everyone who contributes to UBCF. You really help me to feel safe at times when fear lurks. Thank you so much!