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Dear Jennifer


.I. Thank You and the Grand Program!!!! There are no words that could truly say or express my gratitude!!!

I greatly appreciate “United Breast Cancer Foundation” for the Grant and assistance!!


This was so difficult for me to ask for assistance, I always was the first to help someone in need. “You”

Jennifer was so kind!!!! I will never forget your “Kindness and Assistance” and you taught me that there


are times in everybody’s life they need a little assistance and you deserve this !!!!!!!


This “Breast Cancer,” affected me mentally but also financially. Your assistance with rent will ease my burdens and enables my healing more than you will ever know!!!!!!! Peace of mind at this Holiday Season. Miracles do happen!!!!!!!


There truly are “Angel’s that walk on this earth with us…….. May God always Bless you “Jennifer” and your “Wonderful” Foundation!!!!!!!!!



Always in God’s Care,

Thank you!