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Lois Breast Cancer Donations

UBCF has assisted me tremendously throughout my breast cancer ordeal.  Through the grant that I received Holistic care, I have benefitted greatly from acupuncture, massage and similar services.  These services helped relive stress for me during the most challenging time of my life, while undergoing treatment (several surgeries so far) for breast cancer.  I know they also helped me to recover more quickly from my mastectomy and DIEP flap reconstruction.  I would not have been able to afford these services without this grant.

Through the Individual Grant program, UBCF is helping me by paying for 4 months of my health insurance premiums, while I slowly build my catering sales rep business and try to get back on my feet financially.  UBCF has helped me physically, emotionally and financially and I am extremely grateful for this support.  Everyone I have dealt with at UBCF has been caring, polite, pleasant and professional.  Thank you!