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Lois Breast Cancer Donations

I am very grateful for UBCF and to everyone working
there to help women get the health screening of their choice.  I received a
$110. check from UCBF to help cover my expense of breast thermography
screening.  I chose thermography because it is radiation free and pain free,
and more accurate. Having grown up in a polluted urban area, Staten Island, and
working there for more than 30 years as an RN, I have been concerned about
cancer risks for myself and my family.  I was never reassured by statements
that the radiation exposure of regular mammography is small, and therefore
safe.  Little is focused on the effects of accumulated exposure.  My mother was
a survivor of breast cancer.  She was diagnosed at age 57, the same age I am
now.  I don’t want to increase my risk in any way. The added benefit of
thermography is that warning signs are present long before a mammography can
detect.  Changes noted on the thermographic reading warrant attention and
follow up, either medical or lifestyle and alternative healing.  A woman has
the chance to make lifestyle changes before  a tumor is present.     I am sorry
for the delay in my response.  My sister in law was diagnosed with stage 4 non
Hodgkins Lymphoma a few months ago.  We are trying to be part of her support
system as she proceeds with chemotherapy.   She suffered the ill effects of low
blood counts after her second session.  While visiting during the summer, she
collapsed and was hospitalized for two and a half weeks.  Now she has returned
to Florida, and is facing the prospect of more chemotherapy.  I am aware of her
suffering from the illness, as well as the hazards and ill effects of treatment.
Although a different type of cancer, her symptoms were not checked early, due
to a lack of health insurance.  Your help to women without insurance, and to
those who have insurance that will not cover thermography, is truly wonderful.
Making it affordable to women goes a long way in saving their lives through
early diagnosis.  I feel that the non-invasive option, thermography, is a very
important choice for women.  I hope to share my experience of thermography
screening with my loved ones.     I have been fortunate to have received Well
Woman GYN care from the midwife who attended the birth of my son.  An expert in
her field of pregnancy and birth, Sandra Fields, CNM, RN continued her studies
and became a Nurse Practitioner in Women’s Health.  In her search for a safe
and more reliable alternative to mammography, she studied thermography,
becoming a Certified Clinical Thermographer.  This non toxic screening method
is now part of the services she offers women.  She informed me of your work and
help to those of us with insurance companies that still do not cover this much
needed and much safer screening tool.  Sandra Fields can be contacted at
www.newdimensionthermography.com. She sees clients at two locations, NYC and
New Rochelle, NY.   For over twenty years, I have benefitted from her guidance,
based on her caring, professional experience and knowledge of the most recent,
preventative health information.  I have the highest esteem for her work and I
find the time she consults to be extremely valuable.  Thank you again for the
opportunity and financial help for the screening of my choice.
Sincerely,  Mary Ann  R.N.