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Dear United Breast Cancer Foundation,

Thank you is two small and simple words.  These two words will never begin to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for the very generous Individual Grant that UBCF has awarded to me.  As you well know, medical treatment and financial obligations related to breast cancer can be overwhelming and a very heavy burden to bear.

The grant that your foundation has awarded to me will definitely help to ease my burdens and make my journey a little easier.  Your act of kindness has replaced my feeling of hopelessness and despair with an overwhelming sense of joy and peace.  Just knowing that others care and are concerned about me, really makes a difference in how I continue to struggle with this disease.  When care and concern is expressed in a very tangible way it really has a profound impact on how an individual deals with life’s struggles.  Your help and this grant will allow me to exhale for this moment and enjoy today.  Thank you again for your generosity.


With much gratitude,

Patricia R