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rebekah mammograms

I learned about Thermography five years ago when a very close person to me
was diagnosed with breast cancer. Traditional mammograms did not catch this,
but thermography did. Because of her experience, she went into the thermography field.

As a young, single mom, I did not have insurance that would cover
thermography. Thermogrpahy is great for younger women too, whose breast is
usually somewhat more dense.  I learned through this woman about the UBCF
and their efforts to help women get free or reduced breast screening with
thermography.  The form was simple to complete and Mrs. Devin Muller was so very
helpful throughout this entire experience.  I was so relieved to find out
that I qualified to receive assistance and was able to get thermography.  I
would not have been able to afford it on my own. Because of the UBCF I have
been able to begin the process of establishing my baseline that will be
suitable for comparison for my entire future annual thermograms concerning
my own breast health, without having to have exposed my body to any
radiation or harmful substance in any way. I am extremely grateful to the
UBCF for their generosity, compassion, and willingness to help women! Thank
you, Mrs. Muller for all of your help during this process. She was always
there to answer any questions I had about the forms and reimbursement. God
bless you all! And Thank You!!