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First, thank you so much to you, your Free Breast Screening Program and how much it has helped me.


Then, thanks to my aunt, who told me about the FBSP.  She is very health minded and always looking for more natural ways of living, much as I try to do.


I have been aware of thermograms for the last couple of years but with a meager insurance plan that chooses only to support mainstream medicinal practices, this option was financially out of my reach.  I needed to do something as for almost the past year I’d been experiencing some disturbing symptoms: intermittent pains and itchiness in my right breast.  I didn’t want to have to undergo a standard mammogram as I find them to be more than unpleasant, a bit dehumanizing and of course, involves radiation. So with my family history of breast cancer (maternal grandmother and aunt), this conundrum caused me my share of sleepless hours.


I had my thermogram and I must say, it was one of the most pleasant ‘medical’ experiences I’ve ever had.  Not only was the test simple and non-invasive but the results were immediate.  My technician, who was such a dear, was not only compassionate but very thorough and professional.  She went over the results with me and was able to tell me right then there were no signs of a problem.  The pain?  Likely a crowded lymph gland from a previous surgery (I was given suggestions on how to help improve its natural functions and the pains are essentially gone.).  The itching?  Likely a dermatitis issue (I’ve since isolated the location causing it and the irritation has stopped).


Needless to say, I hadn’t realized how much my worrying about these problems had affected me until then because when I left that office, I was walking on air!  It was cold, grey and rainy that day but it was not affecting me in the least when I called my husband with the good news.  Not only was he happy to hear that but also to hear me sound happy, something there had been far too little of for too long.


Again, many grateful thanks to UBCF for your wonderfully generous Free Breast Screening Program.  It really has made such a positive impact on my life.