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UBCF Testimonial

I would like to start by saying “thank you” for your help and time. This was very appreciated. First of all I had received a letter from my local mammogram office stating that it was time for my yearly visit, I called them to let them know I could not make it as my husband had been laid off his job, and if he does not work that means no insurance. The lady had said not to worry and recommend that I contact UBCF, she gave me your email and that is how I found you.  Then I was contacted saying I had been accepted and to go ahead and make my appointment and the rest went from there.  This was such a stress off of me as well as my husband as years ago during a mammogram a small spot was found on my one of my breast and they have keep a very close watch on it since with no change!!  To go without a mammo scares me to death. Again I’m sure glad to have had one in my life at a much needed time.