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When Tucker felt a lump, she didn’t have the means to seek treatment. The United Breast Cancer Foundation provided her the resources to participate in a series of mammographies. Tucker was diagnosed with a fybrocystic breast condition and is in good health today.

Tucker’s Story

With such a high percentage of women getting breast cancer, the concern and fear has always been in the back of my mind. My grandmother had breast cancer. Therefore, even though it was detected later in her life, and grew very slowly, the fact that she had it puts me, her granddaughter at a higher risk. My age also works against me, as I’m now 53.

The economy hasn’t been favorable recently to small, self employed businesses. As gas prices have gone up, the pay scale for graphic designers has gone down. The market is flooded with people who do what I do, and even though they have less experience, employers favor hiring younger, computer savvy people right out of college that they can mold and pay less. When I felt a lump in my breast, I had just been dropped from my largest client’s freelance list due to budget cuts. I honestly didn’t want to deal with it and prayed that it would just “go away”. God didn’t make it disappear, but He did send me an angel.

I got an unexpected call from a solicitor for the United Breast Cancer Foundation. The kind voice told me they needed contributions to help women who needed mammograms and didn’t have medical insurance. I told him I was one of those women and I was sorry I didn’t have any money to give, but I needed help. He directed me to the UBCF web site. I wrote a simple text message telling my dilemma and got an immediate response from Beth Heim, the Director of Operations.

I went to my gynecologist and had the large cyst aspirated. Fortunately, it was a cyst. There were several mammograms necessary and an ultrasound to be sure there wasn’t anything else. The tests found two more very small cysts developing. I am now on a new diet to help control fibrocystic breast condition.

The peace of mind of knowing that there really are people who care and are working to help people who honestly need it is something I’d never experienced before. I’m not the kind of person who looks for handouts. I’ve always had a job and paid my own way. This time I was stuck. The money simply wasn’t there and I was afraid to take the action to get the tests I needed. UBCF was a great blessing to me. Beth not only helped me financially, but she was there emotionally too. Her responses were quick and professional and her words were kind, understanding and encouraging. I am very grateful that such a large organization as UBCF has not gotten so “corporate” that it has given up its humanness.