2016 Metastatic Retreat at Omega Institute

January 12, 2017

UBCF provided funding to support Breast Cancer Options 2016 Metastatic Breast Cancer Retreat held at the world renowned Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Below are testimonials from participants, thanking YOU!


Following twelve years of Stage II breast cancer “survivorship”, I was stunned by my recent Stage IV diagnosis in June 2016 of this past summer.  The Breast Cancer Options Metastatic Breast Cancer Retreat at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY renewed my faith and hope for life and replaced my fear of death through sharing with others and bonding with “sisters” who are approaching life with joy and happiness.  The facilitators complement each other impeccably and the speakers and workshops are thoroughly critical and helpful. Thank you to the supporters- United Breast Cancer Foundation; MHVFCU; Sam’s Club.

Melinda K.. NY



I am very grateful for the wonderful retreat.  When I first arrived at the parking lot tent to check into Omega, I realized that I would be opening my heart to strangers before me who would no longer be strangers in a very short time but become sisters allowing our hearts to be open and vulnerable to each other’s stories and lives, pains and sorrows, talents and victories.

What a marvelous healing and awakening these precious five days have been.  Thank you!  THANK you!! THANK you!!!

Susan H.



Thank you BCO and all the funders so much for providing such a beautiful retreat for us this week.  There are very few places that we metastatic women can feel and communicate all our fears, questions, concerns without feeling the need to “protect” our family and friends from issues they are too frightened to hear.

The “safety” you provide is amazing.  I cannot imagine how I would deal with this disease without your program.





The opportunity to participate with a group experiencing the same issues of something as different from other cancers as metastatic breast cancer is something I consider invaluable.  What Breast Cancer Options’ Omega retreat does and has done for me is to offer a chance to connect deeply, in a unique way, for a much needed sense of support from a very special group.





I came to the retreat, anxious and feeling “how will I fit in?”  All the events were so well-organized & everyone was made to feel as comfortable as possible.  I felt able to participate as I chose and left the retreat with feelings of peace and support.  I will definitely return.

Judith, New York City




The Cancer Options retreat for women with metastatic breast cancer is such an important service in our region.  2016 was my first retreat and it has been so helpful.  The program provides a lot of critical information that is not always easily accessible, but more critically provides a safe space for us to exchange our experiences and be of mutual support. Thank you to all the supporters of the program.

Laraine, NY




I have been fortunate in being able to attend the Breast Cancer Options’ retreat for women with metastatic breast cancer held at Omega Institute for each of the past 5 years.  Each year I have grown so much in my understanding and acceptance.

The greatest value for me has been the opportunity to meet so many wonderful women who share this journey.  We have had may losses in our group over the years, and being able to gather and remember how each of these women has enriched my life has been invaluable.

Thank you Breast Cancer Options for all that you do for our community and for the support from Omega, United Breast Cancer Foundation, Sam’s Club..

Mandy, NY



The Breast Cancer Options Metastatic Breast Cancer Retreat at Omega in Rhinebeck had been very helpful to me in many ways.  The information from various presenters who have a lot of experience in their fields, has been very valuable to me in making decisions about treatments, health and wellness.  The mindfulness, energy work, writing exercises, yoga, breathing, chi gong, hypnotism, has opened new dimensions into awareness of the mind-body connection and my ability to take control of some aspects of self-healing.





I literally cannot imagine my post-diagnosis life without this retreat.  Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a curve ball that changed things for me, my family, my friends and my community forever?  Who understands this journey?  I don’t mean cancer.  I mean Stage IV.  It’s like an entirely different disease than the other stages of breast cancer.  It requires individual treatment, not blanket solutions because it is so complex.  This retreat provides a vast amount of information, and it offers vital connectedness to others in my same situation.  Here, we laugh and cry together without having to explain ourselves over and over again.  More than a retreat, the peaceful, supportive environment of Omega helps bring me back to me.  I am beyond grateful for this week.

Gratitude to all of the funders for this gift.

Eric, NY

Stage IV, Age 46



The Breast Cancer Option Retreat is an invaluable, informative retreat with resources regarding this disease of great importance to all the breast cancer women.  The speakers, group sessions afford these women and amazing support not available on any website or periodical. Thank you to all the supporters.

Catherine, NY



This was a wonderful workshop.  I’m so grateful for this opportunity to be with women who are going through the same things that I’ve been going through.  The love and compassion has been very nurturing for me.

I hope I will be given the opportunity to participate in the coming years.  Thank you.

Milyn, NY



The retreat at OMEGA for metastatic cancer patients lie me this week was life changing.

I have been given tools and techniques to improve my health and happiness, tools that I can take home with me and use for free whenever I need.

This is an invaluable resource of learning, sharing and fostering community that is a blessing from heaven for me and my sisters.  Thank you so much for making this possible.

Carrie, NY



Attending the retreat enabled me to “right my ship” literally and figuratively.  I got to go on the beautiful lake in a canoe, and through conversations with other attendees, I found hope and confidence that I will be here for many years to come, despite my recent brain mets.




I want to say I walked into the retreat scared, not knowing what to expect.  I am going home, with love, peace and friends surrounding me.  It had its ups, downs, sad, happy moments and I was thrilled to experience them all.

Please continue for all of us Metastatic Breast Cancer Ladies.  Thank you.

Debby, NY



I want to thank you for the Breast Cancer Options Retreat.  The week was relaxing, affirmative, informative and enlightening.  I learned tools (visualization, relaxation, yoga, journaling) that will help me with the cancer journey.  Thank you and with gratitude,


Nicole, New York City



This retreat has been an awakening force.  The opportunity to know other women, to learn from them & to learn with them is invaluable.   And the chance to stay at the Omega Institute and experience all it has to offer, is an opportunity I would not have been able to afford. This week has changed my life and given me the opportunity to move forward with love, hope & knowledge.

There are really no words to express my gratitude to those that have given this extraordinary gift.  Thank you.  All I can say is Thank You!

Alli (28 yrs old), NY



The time that I spend at the Breast Cancer Options retreat is truly invaluable.  It is amazing that there are so many generous people who give their time, money and information to our group.  Metastatic breast cancer can be a very isolating, depressing and not to mention frightening journey.  Meeting other women who have the same feelings and experiences as me gives me a sense of Family.  The leaders of the group seem to know exactly what we need to grow and nurture ourselves as well as how to reach and address the personal issues that we each have.

My thanks go out to those organizations that donate money…United Breast Cancer Foundation; Sam’s Club… so that this amazing experience is possible for all of us.

With sincere gratitude,



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