Annual Mobile Mammography Event

June 8, 2015

By Megan Sullivan

Restaurants have gone mobile- now medical services are going mobile too! On Wednesday June 3rd, 2015 the United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF) sponsored our second Free Breast Screening event at our headquarters office in Huntington Station, NY. The event featured a mobile breast screening truck, the “Scan Van”, so look out food trucks there’s a new trend coming to town. These mobile trucks bring convenience while maintaining the same level of care one would find in a traditional radiologist office.

According to the FDA only 24.3% of women have taken action and have received a mammogram as of June 1st, out of the 160,000,000 women, ages eighteen and up, who live in America.

There are 123,000,000 women who still have not had a mammogram done and most of these women should get checked.

The second annual Free Breast Screening event took place in Huntington Station on Long Island, serving women in the surrounding communities. UBCF worked in conjunction with the Project Renewal ScanVan and Suffolk Cancer Services Program to make the event a success. The ScanVan helped us last year as well and the staff was very friendly. The Project Renewal ScanVan services between 5,000-6,000 people every year. ScanVan goes to all five borrows of New York City but they have also served women and men in New Jersey. When asked if there was any difference between this mobile mammography and one that’s in a doctor’s office, Ms. V, a radiology technician, replied that the only difference is that the machine used in the Scan Van is compact. UBCF Team Member, Theresa reported that it was a normal mammogram machine, maybe just slightly more compacted.

The Mammography machine used in the Scan Van is called Planmed Sophie Classic but the girls on the van just call her  “Sophie”.  “Sophie’s quality is no different than the mammograms that are located in doctor’s offices as well as hospitals,” Ms. V stated.

When asked how her first mammogram went,  UBCF Team Member Theresa, replied saying that, “It wasn’t that bad. Women have this preconceived idea that it’s going to be horrible and it’s really not that bad.” Theresa also stated that it was something that was easy enough for her to do annually. It is very important for women who are over 40 to get an annual breast screening. With medical services becoming more accessible, there is no excuse anymore. Need assistance with a screening? UBCF’s Breast Screening Program is open to men and women, regardless of age, race, gender, income or medical insurance coverage. Team UBCF is here to help women, men and families nationwide and this is a great step for us in achieving that goal.




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