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Clean eating is not only good for preventing cancer but it may aid in curing cancer as well. According to recent studies, clean eating has been benefitting cancer patients. The definition of clean eating varies according to whom you ask. Mainly, clean eating involves eating foods that aren’t processed, they aren’t refined or altered in anyway, they aren’t just empty calories and they are low in sugar and fat.

A couple of articles have indicated that vegetables and spices have had a positive impact among, not only healthy people, but also people with cancer. Cancer survivor, Harriet Sugar Miller stated that there are three changes to make to your diet that can help to fight cancer. She states that people with cancer should start eating “cancer-fighting veggies”, which include but aren’t limited to leafy greens (broccoli, spinach, etc.), cauliflower, onions and garlic. The second thing to do is to get your blood sugar under control, which can be done by eating less simple sugars (fruits) and eating more complex ones such as bread, whole-wheat pasta and veggies. The third thing that should be done is to cook with spices and herbs (turmeric, garlic, ginger, etc.) because not only do they make your food taste better but they also have many cancer fighting benefits as well.

One of the keys to clean eating is making sure the food is organic, which is sometimes hard to tell because in the past some companies have a different idea of what organic means than we do. To be healthy with or without cancer, you should make sure to stay away from genetically modified food. Genetically modified food can take many forms and can affect you in different ways.

To be healthy, we should stay away from herbicides as well as pesticides that help to “preserve” the food we are directly ingesting or the food our meat is ingesting.

A blogger, agreed that clean eating aided her in fighting off her breast cancer. She stated that if our body is too acidic it could be a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean we should stay away from acidic foods completely. Veggies and complex carbs are acidic, the key is to balance the acidity by what we eat and put into our bodies. This blogger said that our pH level needs to be balanced and only when its balanced can we be healthy.



Clean Eating to Beat Cancer

Clean Eating to Fight Cancer

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