Annette with her family at a breast cancer awareness walk. She has hope and positivity!

Annette’s Journey

July 8, 2021

The Strength in Hope and Staying Positive

Annette staying positive and having hope with her family at a breast cancer awareness walk.

Annette, a grandmother to eight and mother of three, is the picture of hope and love. Despite the downs of breast cancer, she sees the good in life.

In 2011 Annette was first diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation to battle the disease. Along with the physical side effects of breast cancer, her mental wellness took a hit and she was left with some depression, but that didn’t stop Annette. One day she woke up and decided that she had to get up – depression wasn’t her! Her grandkids missed her and she wanted to support them. 

While Annette was fully recovered in 2014, she had a recurrence in 2019: stage four metastatic cancer. During treatment, she contracted MRSA, a severe infection. Despite having to continuously deal with her health, she has remained positive and learned to really appreciate life. 

Recently, Annette talked with UBCF about her experience, “Breast cancer has taught me to live life like it’s the last day of [my] life…I was always on the go and now, with everything else going on, I have had time to sit back and not take the little things for granted.” Along with developing a greater appreciation for life, Annette has also learned the importance of self advocacy. 

Annette found UBCF through her own research and has received both an individual grant and child sponsorship grant to help her along her journey. Being out of work has been really stressful for Annette. Thanks to UBCF’s support, Annette was able to get some much needed relief. She explained, “I’m able to get the boys things that they need that I wasn’t able to before. I was even able to pay my rent!” Annette has even done some “shopping” through UBCF’s Gift-in-kind program and stated that she “felt like a kid in a candy shop!” It is clear that every little donation can make a huge difference. 

Today, Annette continues to appreciate life while raising awareness for breast cancer by participating in breast cancer walks. She enjoys time with her family and especially loves supporting her grandchildren.

UBCF thanks donors for the impact they have on those affected by a breast cancer diagnosis. For more information on how to donate or receive aid from UBCF, please visit

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