Male Breast Cancer

July 6, 2015

There is a close relationship between prostate cancer and breast cancer. People consider prostate cancer and breast cancer as two totally different cancers. However, family history of prostate cancer could increase the chance of having breast cancer. Also, for some prostate cancers, the treatment for breast cancer may be used. To sum up, males are not immune from breast cancer, which has long been considered a female issue.

men believe they are not susceptible to breast cancer, therefore do not get checked. According to in 2014, about 21% of male breast cancer patients died compared to 18% of female breast cancer patients died. Male breast cancer patients make up one fifth of those diagnosed with breast cancer, however the risk of death is much higher in men. One of the main causes of death in male breast cancer patients is because the cancer was not detected at an early stage. According to National Cancer Institute, there are several factors that male breast cancer may occurs is; family history of breast cancer, high level of estrogen, or age.

For male breast cancer patients, several treatments are performed such as radiation, and hormonal therapy. One interesting treatment is modified radical mastectomy. Mastectomy is removing the entire breast that is affected by cancer, whereas lumpectomy is removing only cancerous tissue, leaving healthy breast tissue in place. However, men do not have as much breast tissue as women, so a lumpectomy cannot be performed.

UBCF highly encourages women and men to consistently self-examine and to get their breast-screening done on a regular basis. United Breast Cancer Foundation offered free mammograms during the UBCF Annual Free Mobile Mammography event earlier this month. UBCF offers our breast screening program to women and men. Diagnosing breast cancer at an early stage is critical for treating breast cancer with a successful outcome, therefore, women and men should be proactive with cancer prevention. Most men believe they will not be diagnosed with breast cancer. However, if there is a family member who had breast cancer, it’s better to be proactive and follow prevention methods.

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