Men’s Health Week 2016

June 28, 2016

United Breast Cancer Foundation began a Men’s Health Week series from June 13th to the 19th — Father’s Day. The week focused on awareness of men’s health and the overall importance of maintaining a wholesome lifestyle. Men can take measures to protect their health such as, getting the proper amount of sleep, having a nutritious diet, and limiting their stress from everyday activates. For Men’s Health Week, UBCF strived to bring awareness to male breast cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute,

“…less than 1% of all breast carcinomas occur in men.”

Men diagnosed with breast cancer are less common than female breast cancer. Even so, when men are diagnosed – it tends to be found in later stages than women. It is important for men to educate themselves on the topic of breast cancer, because they can monitor regularly and early detect for cancer. The symptoms and signs of male breast cancer include the presence of a lump below the nipple, and the existence or absence of the involvement of a lymph node in the body. It is important for men to perform a monthly self-breast exam, whether in the shower, in front of a mirror, or lying down, because they can continually check for changes in the tissues of their breast.

According to the National Cancer Institute,

“The mean age at diagnosis is between 60 and 70 years, though men of all ages can be affected with the disease.”

Did you know — there are many risk factors that increase the chance of breast cancer in men? Some of those factors include, family history, obesity, and gene mutation inheritance (National Cancer Institute). Many of these factors are also common among women (family history, obesity, gene mutation, etc). Once diagnosed, men can undergo to different treatments to help manage their symptoms and fight cancer. Some of these treatments include, hormone therapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy and chemotherapy.

In addition to creating awareness for men’s health week and male breast cancer, many of the programs UBCF offers are open to men fighting breast cancer!

That’s right! Some of UBCF’s programs, such as breast screening – are open to men.

Check out each of UBCF’s programs and see how we can help you!

Breast Screening 

Individual Grant 

Child Sponsorship 

College Scholarship 

Breast Reconstructive Surgery

Holistic Care 

UBCF also offers a free and downloadable treatment journal package.It is a set of documents designed to help men and women fight breast cancer. There are several documents included, such as a “Living Will” spreadsheet. This spreadsheet has all sorts of needed information of the cancer-fighting patient. The idea behind this document is to make it easier on patients when they go to several different doctors or when in an emergency.

It lets the doctors and/or the emergency staff know past and current treatments and medication history, side effects experienced, location and status of cancer, location of the mediport, which arm or side of the body to avoid, and more!

It is a comprehensive document; and you can save to your computer. There is a printer friendly and computer friendly versions available. Be sure to check out these journals —they are a useful resource and can provide a way for patients to stay organized with treatments, medication and appointments.

Did you know UBCF now provides a male self-breast exam? It is a great resource men can use to learn how to check for any unusual changes in their breasts.

Check out all the graphics below! They were posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to bring awareness to Men’s Health Week and Male Breast Cancer Awareness.

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Sources: National Cancer Institute

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