Organics and GMOs

May 27, 2014

By Francesca Bordei

Organic fruit and vegetables are food the way they were intended to be eaten, free of Chemical Applepesticides, preservatives, and GMOs.  GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms; they are the result of taking genes from one species and inserting them into another.  There is a huge debate going on right now regarding the risks involved in eating them.

On one side of the debate are those for GMO’s this includes the large corporations that create them (including Monsanto), the large organizations that produce foods containing them and the FDA.  On the other side of the debate are a large majority of the US population that have said in polls they would prefer to have their food labeled.  Most developed nations (more than 60 in total) consider GMOs to be unsafe this includes all nations in the European Union, Australia, India and many more.  Some of these countries have outright bans on GMO and some have just restrictions.  In fact many of these countries ban food from being imported or at least demand labeling for all GMO items.  Here in the United States the FDA has approved GMOs for commercial production based on research that has been conducted by the same companies that create and sell GMOs.

Whether GMOs are good for us or not why take a chance?  As smart consumers we should be able to make a choice and decide whether we want to eat them or not.  So why not label all GMO foods?  According to the US government we don’t need to know what we are eating because it isn’t bad for us.  I want to make that choice and you should to.  As of this date 26 states have introduced bills requiring GMO labeling, only Connecticut’s bill has passed.

Until GMO labeling becomes the standard for US consumers I will be eating organics and foods labeled non GMO.

If you would like more information on GMO labeling please view this link:

Welcome to Just Label It Campaign’s Home Page


And here is a great site that lists products that contain GMOs

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