Pink Bag Event

July 3, 2018


On June 27th 2018, United Breast Cancer Foundation held their first Pink Bag Event at the Sunset Villas in, Lindenhurst, NY.  UBCF had the help of an amazing friend and advocate, Mrs.Terry Prag, Case Manager/LAHH with the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition. Mrs. Prag assisted UBCF with securing an event location as well as spreading the word to local women and families in the Babylon area impacted by breast cancer. Many would agree, it is incredible to see what can be achieved when two like-minded organizations come together to work on a project greater than themselves.

Upon arrival, each client checked in which took a brief five minutes. After visiting stations, each client was then escorted outside to take home a huge brown box with about 30 PINK BAGS filled with goodies; as well as a brand new water filtration system with 3 backup cartridges. UBCF has had an ongoing relationship with Good360 which has helped keep their gifts trendy and up to date! UBCF clients receive products from Nike, Estee lauder, Chi (Hair tools),George Foreman rotisserie and more. All together the UBCF team transported about $410,000 worth of donated merchandise from their HQ in Huntington Station, NY to Lindenhurst. With a bit of hard work, they successfully gifted 51 breast cancer patients, survivors and their families with amazing products that will help with everyday skin care needs as well as brand new clothes to keep warm and sneakers for everyday use!

Breast Cancer Survivor, Ms. Christine D. shared, “You have made me feel so special and grateful to have people like all of you, who work so hard to help women like me. You have made me feel like I haven’t been forgotten – and I thank you”. It was truly an unforgettable day for Christine as she shared news that just the previous day, her physician confirmed that there was no trace of any disease! Christine walked around the event with a smile from ear to ear making sure to embrace each and every working team member and volunteer. For moments like this, UBCF has made it their goal to make a difference in as many lives as they possibly can.

Take a look at our pics from the Pink Bag Event!

Here’s more information for Gift-in- Kind!

GIK is located at the UBCF headquarters in, huntington station, NY. There, they hold tons of merchandise for your everyday use! These items include bedroom comforters, beauty products, cooking utensils and more. In 2016, UBCF noticed a drastic increase in donations and began hosting events all over the country!

The PINK BAG EVENT was a huge success and UBCF plans to host many more in the near future. If you would like to attend one of these events email and visit Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for everyday posts on upcoming events – Plus healthy recipe ideas, motivational quotes and beauty tips.


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