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Here at UBCF, we believe it is critical that a patient be treated as a whole person, therefore, we approach cancer prevention, treatment, and recovery from a whole-body perspective. UBCF encourages our clients to pursue pairing holistic and complementary techniques with cutting-edge western medicine.

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Fighting stage IV metastasized breast cancer is not a sprint, rather it’s a marathon and I feel the United Breast Cancer Foundation understands that. With UBCF’s Holistic Care Grant I feel I am not alone on this journey.

The advancement of modern western medicines provides the metastasized breast cancer patient a better chance at a longer life span, however, such benefits come with a trade-off. Usually these medical treatments have various side effects, in particular, lowered blood cell counts comprises one’s overall immune system. Paradoxically, a strong immune system is needed the most when it comes to fighting cancer and to maintain overall health, therefore leading a quality life with good energy.

In my personal opinion, if my life is merely prolonged with its quality greatly compromised, I do not see it as a “true win”. That is when UBCF’s Holistic Care Program come into the picture. I received help with targeted nutritional supplements, customized Chinese herbal mixtures and acupuncture. These treatments conducted alongside conventional treatments, were not only highly effective, but also treats one's body as a whole, bringing balance and harmony. The United Breast Cancer Foundation recognizes that and brings forth its Holistic Care Grant Program to unite us who believe in the whole-body approach.

My deepest gratitude to Stephanie, Beth, and everyone who works at, donates to and volunteers for the United Breast Cancer Foundation!


I have become very anxious & apprehensive in the presence of doctors considering all that I had been through. I was treated for cancer in 2005; they started chemotherapy first due to the size of the the turmor (6.5 cm+). Chemo went from January 2 to April 13. I was still sick after chemo: constantly throwing up. I had my mastectomy on May 12. Shortly after the mastectomy, I started having a nonstop headache & continued to throw up. After 3 months, they figured out the chemo drugs poisoned my gallbladder (it was functioning at 15%); they removed [the] gallbladder on July 20. I was sick as as dog w/pain nausea, headache, an inability to eat, and on & on. In October, the oncologist hospitalized me with fever and dehydration and rehospitalized two additional times in November. The hospital then disclosed at the initial stay in October that I had MRSA (an infection you keep for the rest of your life & one that will constantly tax my immune system). The bacteria was at the expander site.

To this date, I don’t have a breast. And worst of all when the doctors couldn’t figure out why I was sick, they asked me to see a psychologist. I did, I saw two and both said: I was fine & that as soon as I got over this illness, life should resume back to normal. I have little faith in conventional doctors and THANK THE DEAR LORD each day for bringing Dr. Bowmen & and my other caretakers (Kitty & Sherry) at Harford Holistic Center to me. Obviously your grant made that possible for me. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH.

The center looks at me as a whole, they address all my issues & Dr. Bowmen has the experience of being conventional (M.D.) & holistic so I can get the best of both worlds. She takes the natural approach (herbal, etc…) in treatment, which is less obtrusive to the body. I have no side effects from any of the supplements/medecines/herbs that I take; IT’S GREAT!

In April, I’m hoping I can get a breast. My only option now is to have fat & skin removed from another site (w/4 surgeries at the breast site, there’s no more skin available for stretching). I’m scared to death because when I get weak, this MRSA takes over. So, I’ll need to be stronger that ever. I know I have no guarantees; however, I feel with a stronger system, I’ll be better prepared to handle anything. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR GIVING ME THIS OPTION.

In closing I can’t tell you how grateful I am to this opportunity being available to me. I have life again and hope! I’m 43 and thought life was over and it’s not – a new chapter is just beginning!


I appreciate the gifts and it really made me feel a lot better than how I’ve been feeling. You may not realize, but the generosity you have shown me has impacted my life in a positive way and again, I want to thank you.


I am honored to receive assistance from UBCF for dental expenses. I will forever smile. Tears of joy. Thank you kindly.

M. Fultz

I just want to say how amazing this organization is from the bottom of my heart! They were so kind and caring to assist me financially. I felt so grateful to receive support from them.


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