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Individual GrantUBCF Funding is exhausted at this time. We anticipate reopening in March 2020.

The Individual Grant Program 

Created in 2007 with the intention to financially assist women and men who are managing breast cancer, this program offers customized support geared towards each individual’s personal needs and circumstances.  Like our clients, no two grants are ever alike.  We understand that breast cancer has a far-reaching affect on every member of the family; therefore, when crafting an Individual Grant, UBCF considers not only the breast cancer patient’s needs, but the needs of the entire family.

Individual Grant Process

After careful and thorough assessment of the client’s needs, UBCF constructs a grant that will best serve the needs of the client, both in the short term and long term.   We work closely with each client to find opportunities to lessen or resolve financial burdens.  We have found over the years that when our client’s experience a reduction in stress, they are more focused on their healing journey, more capable to manage the challenges of overcoming breast cancer.

Currently, the Individual Grant Program provides financial support for the following types of expenses: medical procedures, prescription medications, COBRA insurance coverage, housing expenses, utilities, prosthetic devices, therapeutic treatments, transportation expenses, vehicle insurance, healthy and nutritious foods, house keeping services and holiday gifts.

Please be advised that the application and review process can take up to 12 weeks. To make the process as smooth as possible please supply all the necessary documentation in your application. All applicants will receive a grant, but have patience in our process!

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