Reflecting on My Time as an Intern at UBCF

May 17, 2022

I’m Sara Frawley, the Communications Intern for United Breast Cancer Foundation. I joined UBCF in June 2020, as a sophomore in college with little experience in the real world. The pandemic had just begun and I was looking for a way to have a positive impact in such dark times. I began working under the title of ‘Communications Intern’, tasked with creating graphics and blog posts. I was in awe of the United Breast Cancer Foundation’s work. Now, as a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, I cannot thank UBCF enough for the way it has facilitated my growth – as a team member, community member, and an individual.

Before joining UBCF, I had some experience in the education and research side of the nonprofit realm and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Thankfully, I ran into Stephanie Mastroianni, the Executive Director of UBCF. I heard about her work with the United Breast Cancer Foundation and my ears instantly perked up. As someone who has experienced cancer within my family and community, UBCF spoke to me. I fell in love with UBCF’s all-encompassing mission that helps not only breast cancer patients and survivors but also their loved ones. Stephanie’s dedication, compassion, and special ability to help others further fueled my interest. 

Soon after meeting Stephanie, I became a part of the team. Despite an online work environment, Team UBCF welcomed me with open arms. They guided me when needed, and furthermore, let me follow my passions. What was coined ‘Communications Intern’ grew to be much more. After seeing my interest in speaking with clients directly, UBCF’s Director of Operations, Beth Reichart, encouraged my interest and tasked me to lead client interviews. Interviews led to subsequent blog posts, social media graphics, and client features in other communication pieces. Then, as I became interested in how UBCF helped other charities provide aid to various communities, Lori Johnston took me under her wing and added me to the Network of Giving Program

After seeing the impact that UBCF has on people coping with breast cancer in various ways, I am in awe. Not only do we help individual patients and survivors meet their financial needs, we also provide them with unique support in ways that align with their personal breast cancer journey. And it doesn’t stop there, we seamlessly partner with other outstanding organizations to achieve an even greater impact. Working in such an innovative and support-driven environment provided me with the opportunity to grow without limits. 

Now, as I prepare to leave United Breast Cancer Foundation, I will take these lessons with me into the future. I have just graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Health and Society with a minor in Medical Anthropology. My passion for health drives me to ensure that care is implemented successfully. I will be moving away from home to begin work in Health & Benefits, exploring ways to help people make better decisions. Thanks to my time with UBCF, my communication skills were sharpened, helping me to voice my ideas and opinions. Aside from clarifying my passions and interests, my time at UBCF allowed me to hone my skills and grow as a person.

Without UBCF, I can’t say that I would be where I am today. I am so thankful to have been part of such an amazing team and to have had an impact on so many wonderful people. Now, I welcome two new interns- Brooke and Hannah- and can’t wait to see how UBCF encourages them to flourish.


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