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Check out UBCF’s latest Call To Action billboard airing this February on a full HD billboard located prominently at 1500 Broadway in New York City’s Times Square! The 10 second ad that runs 3 times an hour, 20 hours a day, relays a visual message of UBCF’s Call To Action during the Valentine’s Season so “Spread the Love” by donating a car to UBCF in support of breast cancer patients and families across the country. The billboard features a beautiful vintage photo of Audrey Mastroianni, mother to UBCF’s Executive Director, Ms. Stephanie Mastroianni.

Support breast cancer patients and families – donate your vehicle to UBCF! CALL TODAY 1-888-332-0833. Donated vehicles are picked-up at a convenient time for you, receive the maximum tax-deduction and support women, men and children directly impacted by breast cancer.

Over 26 million people visit Times Square every year – that’s nearly 50,000 per day seeing UBCF’s Call To Action “Season’s Greetings” message. Neutron Media assisted with creative production. Please note, there is no sound.