Spring Planting

May 14, 2013

As Spring slowly sets upon us and the days get longer and warmer, we feel a sense of rejuvenation. This rejuvenation is occurring within our own minds and bodies and throughout the natural world that surrounds us each day. Spring is a time of year to get up and moving again after the cold, dark days of winter. We, as people feel the need to do more activities outdoors, which leads to better health. Some choose to exercise outdoors with a walk, a run or maybe even a hike. Some might enjoy the outdoors by planting a garden of flowers or of fruits and vegetables that encourage better health practices for the upcoming warmer months and cooler months ahead too.

Spring planting is a great way to get outdoors and get your hands dirty. Planting your favorite flowers in your garden is a great way to get some sun to replenish your Vitamin D that may be lacking from being indoors on those cold winter days. This vitamin is proven to strengthen your bones and lift your mood. Vitamin D is essential to your health and just being outdoors in the direct sunlight for 5-10 minutes per day can supply you with all the Vitamin D you need for the day.

Planting fruits and vegetables are also beneficial to your health. Planting berries in your garden are easy to care for and full of antioxidants, which have been proven to fight certain cancers. Antioxidants are important disease-fighting compounds, berries and other foods figured in a major study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. This research provides a large comprehensive report of antioxidant content in fruits and vegetables. Berries won hands down, in providing the most antioxidants.

Two of my favorite fruits to plant and eat are raspberries and blueberries. All summer long my family and I love to watch them grow and then we get to eat them right off the vine. My children and I also like to make breakfast smoothies with these delicious berries. There are so many things you can do with all different kinds of fruits and we even get to reap the benefits of these berries in the winter months after I have frozen some in the summer months in preparation for the cooler months. So pick your favorite fruits and veggies, plant them with your family and enjoy the beautiful weather.

How to Grow Raspberries: Pick the Right Type

First, decide how to grow raspberries by choosing the right type for you. Raspberries come in two categories: summer bearing and fall bearing (also called everbearing).
Summer-bearing plants produce one big crop of fruits in late summer. Fall-bearing plants produce two crops a year: one in early autumn and a smaller crop early the next summer. Raspberries come in three common colors: red (varieties such as ‘Latham’, ‘Autumn Bliss’, and ‘Heritage’), black (varieties such as ‘Blackhawk’ and ‘Bristol’), and yellow (varieties such as ‘Honeyqueen’ and ‘Fallgold’). In general, red raspberries are stronger, hardier, and more productive than the black and yellow raspberry plants.
Choose the Right Spot

Raspberries are vigorous growers and will produce runners that fill up a bed. Choose a spot in full sun and well-drained soil; dig in some compost to give them a jump-start. You can buy raspberries bare-root in the spring or as container-grown plants for spring, summer, or autumn planting. Regardless, plant the canes 20 inches apart and rows 5 feet apart. The canes will fill in all the available spaces, and all you need to do is dig up those that venture out into the path.

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