Meet the Cochran’s

January 30, 2023

Jessica and Cliff Cochran share their amazing journey to parenthood post-breast cancer diagnosis.

Jessica Cochran and her husband Cliff always dreamed of having a big family. “We waited for many years and actually prepared ourselves to have a child,” Jessica shared. When they felt it was the right time to start their family, the Cochran’s received some life-altering news. “At the age of 31, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This news came to us literally right after we confirmed our plans,” she says. “I was so shocked because I was so young. Nothing made sense; It felt like our world came crashing down.” 

Still hopeful about having a family, the Cochran’s decided to invest in a cryopreservation cycle to freeze embryos before the cancer treatments began.

Jessica fought through her cancer diagnosis, and once she was in remission (aka “no evidence of disease”), she and her husband geared up for the next process in their lives, trying to have a child. 

Although Jessica was very excited about the next chapter, she couldn’t help but wonder about her prior breast cancer diagnosis, and how it might affect her journey into parenthood. Despite her anxiety, she was ready to put her best foot forward. 

Jessica and Cliff completed their first embryo transfer in 2017 and had their first son, Alexander in 2018.

They still dreamed of growing their family but cryopreservation and embryo transfer can be a lengthy and expensive process, and for the Cochran’s, this journey required multiple visits to the clinic, which was out of state.

After countless months of research, Jessica connected with the American Cancer Society which later referred her to United Breast Cancer Foundation.  At UBCF, our goal is to help clients through each stage of their individual breast cancer journey. We support our clients mental and physical well being, all while honoring their unique experiences. There are few situations that we have not heard about.

Thanks to UBCF, Jessica received a grant that assisted with the embryo transfer.  Shortly thereafter, Jessica and Cliff received the best news, SHE WAS PREGNANT!

  On April 5th, 2022, Jessica delivered a beautiful, healthy, baby boy named Johnathan Henry!

 Jessica shared this fantastic message with UBCF:

“I wanted to follow up with you and the UBCF team and let you know I had my sweet baby boy, Jonathan Henry, born on April 5th :-). Everything went well with the process and birth, and I wanted to say thank you again. I’m so appreciative of programs like yours that helped make having my baby boy via frozen embryo transfer possible.”

“It’s crazy how we take life for granted,” says Jessica. “Every day I’m incredibly grateful to be alive, and not only that, I’m grateful for what UBCF has done for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

The Cochran’s had dreamt of adding to their family. UBCF was honored to help make that dream a reality.  UBCF extends our deepest gratitude to our generous donors – your gifts ensure that we can support clients just like Jessica. Together, we’re making dreams come true. 

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