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Ribbon Cutting & Reception Unveiling Art Installations in Diamond District Window Fronts

United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF) has partnered with ChaShaMa to provide artists impacted by breast cancer with coveted ground floor window space in New York City’s Diamond District on West 47th St. in Manhattan, NY. A ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by 47th Street’s Diamond District BID will be held on January 24th at 4:30 pm with a celebratory reception to follow for artists and guests at 580 Fifth Avenue, 10th Floor. Guests must send an RSVP to rsvp@diamonddistrict.org. The installations will remain on view for through June 16, 2019.

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Dylan Musler, ChaShaMa’s Space to Present Director shared, “Providing window space is a wonderful opportunity for artists because it’s so seamlessly integrated into the lives of both tourists and busy New Yorkers going about their day. We’re thrilled to collaborate with UBCF and the Diamond District BID to offer this moment of reprieve for the public as well as display a very strong range of work by NYC artists.”

“We’re overjoyed to join forces with UBCF,” ChaShaMa Founder and Artistic Director Anita Durst shared.“It’s an opportunity to use the power of art to connect, heal, and celebrate people affected by breast cancer.”

Alícia Degener, Ann Tarantino, Jisook Kim, and the Lower Eastside Girls Club have been commissioned to place site-specific installations of their artwork in the windows of a vacant Diamond District Jewelry Center building spanning multiple addresses. The Window Spaces receive heavy foot traffic in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District, giving coveted space to the exhibiting artists to present their work, engage with communities impacted by breast cancer, and bolster awareness of UBCF’s commitment to breast health and wellness. Learn more about the artists.

“The essence of art and natural diamonds share the stories they tell, and how they are used to share a unique vision or personal feeling with others,” said Avi Fertig, Executive Director of the 47th Street BID. “This goes to the heart of our new partnership with ChaShaMa and UBCF, and why we so enjoy sharing this art with the Diamond District merchants, customers, and anyone fortunate to encounter the Window Spaces art gallery.”

“Countless people recognize the Diamond District as the world premier resource for exquisite jewelry,” said Steven Grauer, Chairman of the 47th Street BID, “The Diamond District is thankful to ChaShaMa and UBCF for helping beautify West 47th Street.” Grauer continued with, “People come to the Diamond District to feed their eyes and desires, and the art that Is now here is only enhancing that visceral experience.”

Stephanie Mastroianni, UBCF’s Executive Director, stated, “UBCF believes art is an important outlet and a way to heal the soul. We believe this venture with ChaShaMa and the Diamond District BID will not only bring further awareness to UBCF’s programs but, equally as important, it is an exemplary display of collaborative efforts and cooperation amongst non-profits.” Mastroianni continued, “We’re honored to be working with these two outstanding organizations.”

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About ChaShaMa
Chashama was founded in 1995 by Anita Durst to celebrate the legacy of theatre visionary Reza Abdoh. Currently, ChaShaMa presents 150 events a year, have workspace for 120 artists, and have developed 80 workshops in underserved communities. http://www.chashama.org

About 47th Street Business Improvement District
The 47th Street Business Improvement District (47th Street BID) is a not for-profit tax-exempt organization that was formed in 1997 to enhance the economic development activities of New York’s Diamond District with the goal to make the Diamond District safer, cleaner and more beautiful. http://www.diamonddistrict.org

About UBCF
UBCF is committed to offering breast health and wellness services focused on cancer prevention, screening, treatment and overall wellness. UBCF’s mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer and carries it out through seven life-supporting patient and family programs available to women, men and families nation-wide. UBCF never denies services to anyone regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, income or medical insurance coverage. Tax-deductible contributions may be made towards UBCF’s programs. UBCF accepts vehicle and property donations as well. Combined Federal Campaign #77934. https://www.ubcf.org