UBCF Partners with VSpot MediSpa

October 1, 2015

United Breast Cancer Foundation Partners With VSPOT Medispa In Promoting A Treatment To Improve Breast Cancer Survivors Quality Of Life

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF) has partnered with VSPOT to help breast cancer survivors improve their quality of life by addressing some of the most common—though rarely talked about—side effects from the treatment of breast cancer.

Vaginal dryness, a frequent byproduct of chemotherapy and various medications, causes itching, burning, and painful sex.  Previously, the most common treatment for vaginal dryness was topical estrogen-based therapy. This is not an option for estrogen-sensitive breast cancer survivors.  Without a solution, many women felt that they had no choice other than to live with discomfort and abstain from intimacy.

Founded by award-winning entrepreneur Cindy Barshop, VSPOT specializes in FemiLift Laser procedure, a non-surgical, medication-free, pain-free treatment performed in a series of 4-5 short sessions that can eradicate vaginal dryness and its ensuing symptoms.

“The FemiLift Laser is a thermal heating system that achieves tissue regeneration throughout the vaginal canal, promoting the recovery of the genital mucosa balance in a safe and painless way,” says Dr. Carolyn DeLuca, who has successfully treated breast cancer survivors with the FemiLift. “The production of collagen tightens the vaginal walls and restores tone to tissue, increasing blood flow and lubrication, and allowing women to comfortably and confidently have intimacy again.”

While breast augmentation has helped countless breast cancer survivors move past the trauma of a mastectomy, VSPOT is the first viable solution for survivors suffering from vaginal dryness and its subsequent discomforts.

“The FemiLift helped me with my vaginal dryness, I no longer had the burning and itching sensation.” –Bonnie H., Breast Cancer Survivor

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ms. Barshop is offering the first of three treatments for FREE at VSPOT affiliates nationwide. Women can locate their nearest affiliate through the VSPOT website, VSPOTMediSpa.com, or contact Cindy directly at (800) 408-VSPOT.

“Breast cancer survivors are warriors,” says Cindy. “We admire their strength, and we honor them by helping them find a way to feel good again.”

“We are so pleased to partner with Cindy and VSPOT this October, increasing awareness of this often ignored side effect of breast cancer treatment. UBCF’s goal is to reduce the anxiety and depression that cancer causes. Through this partnership, UBCF will continue serving the needs of our clients, from diagnosis, treatment and beyond in creating a new, healthy, joyous and rewarding life,” saidStephanie Mastroianni, UBCF President and Executive Director. To learn more about UBCF’s good works, mission and programs, visit ubcf.info.

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VSPOT Medispa specializes in treatment with the FemiLift laser, an FDA-approved laser that uses groundbreaking technology to offer a quick, painless solution for the vaginal loosening, dryness, and incontinence that come along with cancer treatments and medications, childbirth, menopause, and just being a woman.

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