UBCF wishes breast cancer patients, survivors, families & care givers a happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from UBCF

February 9, 2022

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, support, and celebration. When it comes to breast cancer, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to celebrate the little things. UBCF wishes breast cancer patients, survivors, care providers, and their families extra love and support today – because we know what a difference it can make!

Happy Valentine's Day to breast cancer patients, survivors, families & care providers from UBCF!

Breast cancer is all encompassing. It can take over and derail work, family, and aspects of life that one wouldn’t expect. However, it can also highlight the support and love that can shine in a dark place. When speaking with UBCF Individual Grant Recipient, Kerrie, she explained, “I am so grateful and blessed that I even got cancer. It sounds so crazy, but it changed my life and has turned it into something so beautiful. I don’t let the little things bother me anymore. I have faith in humanity again. One of the things that I’m grateful for is the people that came around and were on my team to help me fight this, some of which I had no idea they cared that much. I just saw such beautiful gifts come out of the people in my life, it’s brought me closer to God.” Taking space to appreciate the little things and accept support can make the journey that much more beautiful.

Support can come from family members, friends, the community, organizations like UBCF, social workers, support groups, and even pets. Seeking out support and welcoming it can make a world of a difference. While it is sometimes difficult to accept support, doing so can give patients and survivors time to heal and to not only see, but really feel the love around them. UBCF aims to provide support to breast cancer patients and survivors through individual grants, holistic care grants, breast reconstruction, screening coverage and more. 

United Breast Cancer Foundation understands that breast cancer affects the whole family. The importance of support not only extends to those with a diagnosis, but their caregivers too! Loving people through a cancer diagnosis can bring up new obstacles. It is hard to see the people we love go through difficult times. These obstacles may bring some together, but may create new worries for others. That is why we provide child sponsorship grants, college grants, and donation events to offer support to the whole family. 

College scholarship recipient, Anthony, explains, “Luckily, my family was extremely lucky when receiving financial help to pay off medical bills. However, we were still left with a deficit in my college account due to the years of not being able to add money to the account. With the scholarship from UBCF, I was able to take out less student loans, possibly making it possible to leave college with no student debt. I am extremely grateful for the help UBCF has been generous enough to award me with. With some help and hard work, I will be able to pay off college without allowing it to be a financial burden to me.”

UBCF will continue providing love and support to everyone affected by a breast cancer diagnosis. While the battle is tough, we are here for you. Happy Valentine’s Day to our clients, supporters, community, and especially to YOU! To learn more about our programs and services, click here.

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