September 12, 2017

Introduction: In addition to everything on your mind, breast cancer affects your ability to move. Spending time in the hospital or sick at home can leave the body stiff and sore, making it more difficult to complete daily tasks. As a regular form of exercise, yoga is a gentle way to stay limber and active. UBCF wants to help you or a loved one as much as possible during your time of need. That is why we created the Yoga Series. We hope you enjoy our last addition!

Seated Spinal Twist

To start the Seated Spinal Twist you must begin sitting cross legged. Close your eyes and start to take deep breaths. On the exhale slowly twist your body to look over your left shoulder. Placing your right hand on your left knee and your left hand behind your body. Continue to switch sides and breathe deeply.

Legs Up the Wall

To begin the Legs Up The Wall sit on the floor with your left side against the wall. Turn to the left and bring your legs up against the wall as you lower your body into a prone position. Scoot your buttocks against the wall. Your shoulders and head will rest on the floor while your legs stretch up the wall in this relaxed position.

Seated Meditation

The seated meditation helps you to focus on breathing and mindfulness. To start the Seated Meditation take long deep breaths. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed in front of you. Feel your sitting bones in contact with the floor. Lengthen your spine to sit up tall, and gently drop your chin down slightly so your neck is aligned with your spine. Continue to breathe deeply and try to keep your mind from wandering.


Conclusion: Therapeutic activities like yoga can complement cancer-fighting medical treatment to help heal the body, mind, and spirit in the midst of a cancer battle. UBCF wants to help you or a loved one as much as possible during your time of need. That is why we created the Yoga Series. We hope you have enjoyed it!

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