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UBCF Funding is exhausted at this time. We anticipate reopening in March 2020.

Here at the United Breast Cancer Foundation, we know that cancer does not simply affect the breast cancer patient. The entire family is impacted by such a diagnosis. UBCF has developed the Child Sponsorship Program in response to our clients requesting support for not only themselves, but their children.

Child Sponsorship ~ Wendy’s Story

Wendy, a young, single mother, 32 years old with three young children depending on her for love, security and a sense of home, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She had no means to care for her children while receiving treatment and was actually living out of her vehicle. In fact, Wendy nearly decided to forego treatment so she could be with her children. UBCF stepped in, provided Wendy a grant and provided her children assistance through the Child Sponsorship Program. Wendy and her three children are now living in a safe environment and Wendy is responding well to her treatments. Through this program, UBCF provides health food, assistance with medical treatments, counseling services, back to school clothing and supplies, and special holiday gifts.

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